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Vegan Halloween Treats

Hi Vgang… Halloween is fast approaching so I thought i’d give you some treat ideas for your trick and treaters this year, there’s plenty of sweets on the market that are completely vegan that you can hand out to those little cuties or should I say spookies making a call this Halloween

Rainbow Dust Straws – you can get these off amazon for virtually pence, 100 for about £2.50, they’re a total classic sweet, click here to get this vegan halloween treat bargain.

Skittles – You can’t find the fun size packs in all supermarkets but you can find them in Tesco for £1, a bag containing 10 fun size packs.

YoYo Bears – Can be found in most supermarkets, normally come in a pack of 5 for around £2-£3, perfect for those interested in offering a more nutritional treat for those little halloweenie’s.

Love Hearts – You’ll find a pack of 50 mini love hearts for around £3.50 here, another great bargain.

Millions – You can get a 7 pack of fun size bags for £1 in Tesco, they can’t be found as a fun size’s in other supermarkets.

Fizz Wizz Popping Candy – What is more fun than popping candy, nothing right.. the best place to find these is here where you can bulk buy 50 packets.

Chuba Chups Lollies – if you stick to the fruit lollies they are all vegan, in Sainsbury’s you can find a pack of mini’s that only contain the fruit variety for £1 here or in Tesco you will find the full sized lollipops at 5 for £1.

Parma Violets – Bargain at around £3 for 50 packets over here





Fizzers – Cheapest place I’ve found for these is Amazon, they are a cheap and cheerful sweet to offer to those trick and treaters, currently less than £2.50 for 50 packs here

Double Lollies – Its really hard to find these on their own in supermarkets, you’ll normally find them in a variety pack which sadly normally contains none vegan sweets, by purchasing a pack like that even if you don’t consume them or don’t hand them out you are still contributing with your money so the best place to buy these would be Amazon where you can buy them in a pack of 40 for around £4.50 here 

Fruity Pops – Again just like Double Lollies they tend to be in variety packs containing none vegan sweets but you can also find these on individually in a pack of 35 for around £5 here

Dip Dabs – These take me right back to my childhood and you can find them in part of Tesco’s 5 items for £1.

Fruit Winders – I totally forgot about these but I absolutely loved them when I was a child, you can find these in most supermarkets for about £1-£2 for a box of 6.

Sherbert Fountain – In Tesco you will find these in part of their 5 items for £1 including some other options on this list which you can mix and match.

There’s plenty other vegan sweets on the market but i’ve tried to stick to things that are individually wrapped or can come in fun size options, making them perfect for halloween treats.

Stay Spooky, Peace and Love x