Vegan Condoms

Hi Vgang, being vegan doesn’t just mean the food you eat, it means living vegan in all your aspects of life and yes thats right, that means all condoms sadly are not vegan but don’t worry.. I’ve done the research for you, contraception can be vegan and here are all the best vegan condom brands I’ve found for you.

Durex has been the top name in the condom industry for a long time but sadly the majority of their products are not vegan as they contain milk, however ..Fetherlite Ultra is vegan. Not to fear though, there are plenty of options on the market that are Vegan.

Hanx Condoms – A vegan based condom company based in the United Kingdom, run by two women, with women in mind. Their condoms are made with fair trade latex, ultra thin and clean scented, their products have been dermatologically tested, you can find them by clicking the link here

Lelo Hex – These are another easily accessible condom option, with no animal ingredients in their product they list them as vegan. The condom is made with 350 small hexagons making the design thin but stronger, Lelo is a well known company in the industry making toys and enhancers but now have included condoms to their line. You can find them by clicking the link here and they also offer a XL larger version too here

GLYDE – An Australian brand but have been available in the UK since 2007 but are hard to find in your local stores, the best place to find these condoms would be via Amazon, follow the amazon link to take you directly to Glyde Condoms. You can stay safe with Glyde because their whole line is certified vegan and have been certified with The Vegan Society since 2006.

Sir Richards Condoms –

Being an American company Sir Richards Condoms can be hard to find, but luckily you can find them across at Amazon, there isn’t as much of a selections as Glyde but they are available, click here to be taken directly to Sir Richard Condoms. They are also vegan certified and approved by Peta, minimal latex odour and all their products are free off glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals.

Sustain Condoms –

Sustain are a fairly new company but are already certified vegan, again not uk based so making them a little difficult to find but you can find them buying clicking here to be taken to amazon. They are gluten free, paraben free and also fair trade.

Condomi Condoms –A german company but thankfully are also available within the Uk via amazon, follow here to go right to them, a much smaller range available in the uk compared to the bigger brands listed further up but its all about trying and testing to find the right brand for you. Condomi use cocoa powder instead of casein in the preparation of their latex and have also been certified by The Vegan Society.

Pasante – 

Another big brand condom company that has a variety of vegan options but not all their products are vegan, I’m waiting to hear back from Pasante with a list of their vegan options, when they do I’ll be posting it straight here for you, there’s variety of information on the internet about what is and isn’t vegan by Pasante but I would rather make sure the information is correct by hearing from them directly.