The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box Review – Jun 18 Box 56

What is in my Vegan Kind Box this month, well let’s have a look shall we! Firstly, for anyone thinking of subscribing to The Vegan Kind lifestyle box and you’re wondering what to expect let me give you some idea. The month cost is £13.15 with your postage there’s option to take a bigger subscription cost up front if that’s something you are down with, the boxes come well packaged I’ve never received a problem with my products so far (touch wood) and they are always great value for money.

So, this month I received 12 variety pack of beanies coffees (YEEESSS!!) absolutely delicious, if any of you are flavoured coffee lovers then we’ve been treated this month RRP is £2.50 for this both. Get yours at


Clarana Bunte Smarties Alternative RRP £2.65, do they taste like smarties, they sure blooming do they are delicious! Very grateful for these treats! Missed this lifestyle box then head over to for yours.


Mello Mild Chilli Watermelon Seeds RRP £1.00, who knew watermelon seeds could taste so damn good, I sure didn’t but I do now, the more you know hey! They’re high in protein so next time you get that pesky “where’d you get your protein from duuurrp!” then send them over to


JOM Organic Fizzy Caramel Sweets RRP £1.25, these delicious goodies didn’t even last long enough for me to photograph, they are absolutely banging, fizzy sour and then the sweet joy of caramel of my god, I will absolutely be ordering some more of these over at and if you want some to here’s my discount code ‘VEGANLIFE’ for 20% off your order.


Purely Wild Garlic Plantain Chips RRP £1.99, Yum. I was not expecting to open the packet and find dried banana’s in there but that’s what I found and they were lovely, a healthier alternative to traditional crisps that I can get on board with, head over to to get yours and use discount code ‘VK5OFF’ to save £5 off any 24 bag order.


Clearspring Organic Wholegrain Rice Cakes Buckwheat and Quinoa with Seeds and Rice Syrup RRP £2.29. Who doesn’t want that in their lives and at only 31 calories per one they sure are healthy and kind to the hips, fancy yours then head to and use VEGANKIND20 for 20% off your order.


Clearspring Japanese Organic Matcha Shot Premium Grade Green Tea Powder RRP £0.89, I’m yet to try this one, I’m saving it for the morning to start the day right but with their second feature in the box they’re discount code still applies


Lastly Lucuma Magazine RRP £3.00 is featured in the box, I’ve not had chance to fully read it but flicking through its bright and I spotted a couple of recipes hidden in the pages. You can get yours over at


So with all those items in this box that equals to £15.67 worth of products, with the box only costing £8 before postage that’s a bargain in my eyes!