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Beauty Bakerie Vegan List

Are Beauty Bakerie Cruelty Free?


Beauty Bakerie is my personal favourite brand of all time, hands down the best lipstick on the market with all their lip whips being cruelty free and vegan, I even wore Berry Bop on my wedding day. I am a self confessed lipstick hoarder and i’ve tried all the best brands on the market and nothing comes in comparison to Beauty Bakeries lip whips, I normally apply their lipstick once during the whole day, their lip whips for me normally make it through 3 meals, several hot drinks and at the end of the day I still struggle to get their products of, in-cred-ible!

Show me the vegan list!

Beauty Bakerie is so vegan friendly its easier to show you the products that aren’t vegan and that list is a small list! So the following items are NOT vegan friendly and do contain animals products so if you avoid everything on this list you can be sure your product is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

• Sherbet Bar EyesCream Eyeshadow
• Cookie Dough EyesCream Eyeshadow
• Teddy Graham EyesCream Eyeshadow
• Pancake EyesCream Eyeshadow
• Crumb Cake EyesCream Eyeshadow
• Pink Flour Setting Powder
• Scoops Elysees Blush Palette
• Sugar Lip Scrub

Beauty Bakerie are even kind enough to list all their ingredients on their website so if you are worried you can always double check! So happy shopping team vegan, go check out my favourite makeup company.