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Veganuary 2018

It’s come to the end of Veganuary 2018 and I hope many of you have carried on your vegan journey now January is over, its been a fantastic one this year with over 150,000 signing up to participate it reached record breaking levels! Not only the huge amount of people trialling veganism out we also saw an enormous amount of products released and announced during January 2018.

The biggest successor during Veganuary goes to Tesco though, seeing 18 new products being released we really were spoiled for choice, including 6 brand new grab and go sandwiches and wraps, we were blessed with 2 new pizza’s which I personally have been living off during the majority of January, they really are delicious. Wicked Kitchen food line has absolutely stolen the show for Veganuary but it didn’t stop there, we saw other leading supermarkets bring out new vegan items.

Sainsbury’s finally removed their yogurt from their falafel wrap making it now a vegan product and have even been kind enough to label it, but they also did one better and released a brand new vegan sandwich, an Avocado, Tomato and Basil sandwich and I for 1 cant wait to get my hands on it.

We saw Asda finally release vegan sandwiches, another supermarket like Sainsbury’s that have been behind in the times, they released a Falafel and Hummus Sandwich, Onion Barji Wrap and a Mexican Bean Rice Salad in their grab and go section. Not only that, we saw them release their own vegan cheese that I’m yet to taste test.

Morrison’s also jumped on the vegan train seeing them release a very different wrap indeed, they must have heard our cries to eat anything other than a falafel sandwich, they released a Japanese inspired wrap which I sadly haven’t spotted in my local Morrison’s as of yet but I’m still on the hunt.

The coffee shops also made releases with finally a long begged for cake from Costa, their coconut and pistachio slice hit their cake displays this year and boy are we grateful, they also released a new coffee with coconut milk, their vanilla and coconut latte which is delicious but sadly only comes in small, small just is not enough coffee for me but it is taste bud pleasing.

However Starbucks absolutely took the lead in the coffee shops adding Oat Milk to their list of dairy alternatives making it now 4 options, which also includes Almond, Coconut and Soya. They also released a sweet

option to get our teeth into, a new Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut bar, but we also saw the release of a wrap including jackfruit, yes please! BBQ Vegan Wrap with Jackfruit and Slaw, get in my belly.

This Veganuary we also had 2 very exciting release announcements having Cornetto’s dipping their toes into Veganism, gosh am I excited to get my hands on those, which should be hitting UK Sainsbury’s shelves in February 2018! MOVE OUT THE WAY I NEED MY HANDS ON THOSE!

But Haagan Daz ice-cream announced they are releasing 4.. YES 4 brand new vegan ice-creams, including – Coconut Caramel, Mocha Chocolate Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge and Salted Caramel Fudge Truffles! Sadly though there is no news on the UK release, we had to wait for Ben and Jerry’s, I guess we’ll just have to wait for Haagan Daz.

What was your favourite vegan product release this Veganuary? Did you hear any products released that I didn’t? Let me know down in the comments!

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