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Vegan Restaurant of the Month – Pizza Hut

Hi Vgang..

So my star restaurant of the month goes to Pizza Hut, on 27th November 2017  vegan cheese made its way on to the menu across all their stores. VEGAN CHEESE AARGH!! What a time to be alive my friends, very exciting times indeed.

In 9 years of my vegan journey I’ve never been so excited (tell a lie, I might have been fairly more excited when Vegan Ben and Jerry’s hit the shelves) so they absolutely get a thumbs up from me for simply thinking about us lil vegans and our desire for a cheesy pizza, I will say they have also clearly done their research as its not any old cheese on the menu, it’s Violife, and it’s a game changer for vegans everywhere.

Now lets get to how it tastes, I had a pan pizza with BBQ sauce (praise the lord it doesn’t contain honey), mushrooms and caramelised onions and it was delicious! I will say if you’re new to the vegan community, you might not be as overjoyed to it as myself, but for someone who’s not had a deep pan pizza with cheese on in 9 years, it is quite the taste sensation. If you’re ordering this pizza and expecting it to be just like your old favourite non vegan pizza, you’ll most likely be sorely disappointed. So go into it with an open mind.

But in other good news Pizza Hut is currently having a 41% discount which is running until 25th January 2018 so if you’ve been eager to try out the new vegan cheese, now’s the time! Get down there for almost half the price.

Here is the full vegan list from Pizza Hut for you, onion rings made the list which is fairly exciting, BBQ sauce as mentioned earlier doesn’t contain honey and we can actually enjoy a few various sauces including some from the salad bar. All in all I think for a place to go eating out pizza hut is succeeding and are miles ahead of dominos, who are still yet to release just a pizza base that is vegan friendly in the UK. So when looking for pizza my thumbs up goes to Pizza Hut, they’re leading this pizza game in my opinion.

Peace and Love… T x


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