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Are Avocado’s Vegan?

So there’s been a bit of a scandal on QI recently where Sandi Toksvig say’s Avocado’s aren’t vegan amongst a variety of other fruit and vegetables, if  you’ve not seen it then follow the link to youtube here to watch for yourself. Sandi goes on to say that Migratory Bee Keeping is used in the growth of… Continue reading Are Avocado’s Vegan?

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Where Can I Find Vegan Domino’s?

Hi Vgang.. so we’ve had the fantastic news that after constant nagging and stomping our feet, Domino’s Pizza has finally listened and created us a vegan pizza. Huuurrrraaah! AND it also includes vegan cheese!! There’s been some speculation that the base isn’t vegan but it has been confirmed that it was an error on the… Continue reading Where Can I Find Vegan Domino’s?


The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box Review – Jun 18 Box 56

What is in my Vegan Kind Box this month, well let’s have a look shall we! Firstly, for anyone thinking of subscribing to The Vegan Kind lifestyle box and you’re wondering what to expect let me give you some idea. The month cost is £13.15 with your postage there’s option to take a bigger subscription… Continue reading The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box Review – Jun 18 Box 56

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Vegan Valentine’s Day Ideas

February is the month for Valentines Day and to get you prepped to give your loved ones a very vegan Valentines Day I’ve wrote you a list for a few ideas to help you on the way Food and Drink Maybe you fancy ordering food in, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns bases are both vegan,… Continue reading Vegan Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Top 10 Tips To Being Vegan

Hello to all new Vegan’s starting the year out this year with Veganuary and making the change to a cruelty free lifestyle, team vegan welcomes you and we’re happy to have you on board. Making the change to veganism can be quite intimidating, it’s a complete lifestyle change, so here are my top ten tips… Continue reading Top 10 Tips To Being Vegan