NEW Quorn Vegan Products

Heading through Sainsbury’s yesterday I caught these in the corner of my eye, YES! Vegan sandwich slices, something the community has been begging to have added to their line for a very long time. I snatched them up and I must say, I approve. Very nice indeed, I can’t compare them to the vegetarian line being vegan for 9 years now its a very distant memory but I would absolutely purchase them again.

Quorn now have 12 vegan products in their line, which are Fillets, Breaded Fillets, 9 Grain Fillets, Pieces, Hot and Spicy Burgers, Vegan Burger, Fishless Fingers, Nuggets, BBQ Strips, Fajita Strips and now the 2 new additions I spotted, Chicken Free Slices and Smoked Ham Free Slices. When buying Quorn products please look out for the green Vegan logo, not all products by Quorn are vegan.

I have only spotted them in Sainsbury’s, leave your comments below to where you have found these brand new products.

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