Beauty Bakerie, My Vegan Lipsticks

Vegan Swaps Beauty BakerieBeauty Bakerie is currently my new favourite brand, I was convinced to give it a try, feeling dubious about a brand i’d never heard I thought i’d take a risk and by golly it was worth the risk!
I can not recommend this brand enough, Vegan, Cruelty free and fantastic! What more can you want! Their lip whip products are the best lip accessory I’ve ever discovered! On my first day testing it out, I went 18 long hours, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and at the end of the day it still had my back, or had my lips should I say!

Vegan Swapsie Lip Whip
This product is so good, I will say right now I have found my wedding lipstick! If you haven’t tried it and you’re looking to try something new, then try this! Both guilt free and no more expensive than buying from animal hating companies like Chanel and a far better product! If I had to only own one beauty product, i think this would be the one!

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