Miller and Carter…Vegan?

Recently some wonderful friends invited me along for a meal at Miller and Carter, I stopped them in their tracks as I assumed there wouldn’t be a vegan foodie for the only vegan in the gang!

But just to be safe I thought I would send them over a little email and yesterday to my shock I received a lovely phone call from a Clare, in which as expected she did agree with me saying there wasn’t anything of much use for me other than salad, yaaaaawwn! But, she did however say that she’d received previous requests but not yet seen a demand high enough to encourage a vegan option onto the menu.. they do currently offer 2-3 vegetarian options on the menu but I also would say theres nothing too much to be excited over.

The demand is there, its clearly there, every year our community is growing so I thought I’d get together a little poll so I can send it across to her and show that people are wanting vegan foods, and us vegans will flock if given the chance…

Lets show Miller and Carter there is a demand by following the link and giving your opinion

Peace and love, T x

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