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Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Vegan and Cruelty Free

This is what Batiste’s statement on their website says, to anyone reading that it would seem they are a cruelty free brand, it says right there that they do not test on animals. However, when they are asked if they sell their products to China they are very secretive and vague about their connection to China. The product Batiste is owned by Church and Dwight who is NOT a cruelty free company and do test their products on animals, that doesn’t mean Batiste products aren’t cruelty free theres many cruelty free brands out there who’s parent companies test on animals but have no connection themselves with animals testing. So if thats the case, why are they so vague? it makes me personally uncomfortable and find it hard to trust that the company is cruelty free when if you do a quick google search there’s plenty of articles linking them to China.

Most concerning is if thats the case they are just like Garnier and are being very clever with their marketing, using loopholes to get the support from vegans when they in fact are not worthy of our support. It is clearly labeled on all their products that they do not test on animals and are vegan, they are not leaping bunny approved but looking at their labelling they have cleverly used a generic bunny to make it appear they are leaping bunny approved. If you search Peta’s approved cruelty free and vegan list Batiste is nowhere to be found, a company as big as Batiste who has been the leading dry shampoo company for as long I can remember you would think would surely make Peta’s approved list if they were cruelty free and vegan.

So are Batiste Cruelty free and Vegan?

Personally, I would avoid this company and not class them as cruelty free, there is too much speculation of this company that they refuse to clarify, if they product was not sold in China they would easily confirm that but the fact they skip around it says to me they are not a trust worthy brand.

What now then?

Thankfully there are plenty of dry shampoo options on the market that are cruelty free, vegan and clear about their stance on animal testing, go to our vegan dry shampoo list to find all those alternatives to Batiste.

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