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Vegan Valentine’s Day Ideas

February is the month for Valentines Day and to get you prepped to give your loved ones a very vegan Valentines Day I’ve wrote you a list for a few ideas to help you on the way Food and Drink Maybe you fancy ordering food in, Pizza Hut and Papa Johns bases are both vegan,… Continue reading Vegan Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Top 10 Tips To Being Vegan

Hello to all new Vegan’s starting the year out this year with Veganuary and making the change to a cruelty free lifestyle, team vegan welcomes you and we’re happy to have you on board. Making the change to veganism can be quite intimidating, it’s a complete lifestyle change, so here are my top ten tips… Continue reading Top 10 Tips To Being Vegan

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Soap and Glory Vegan List..

A while back I contacted Soap and Glory in which they told me they couldn’t determine which ingredients would be animal or plant derived but on recently searching their website I was overcome with joy to find they now include a list of their animal free products! So I thought i’d share with you the whole,… Continue reading Soap and Glory Vegan List..