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Are Garnier Vegan?

Garnier have recently released a Vegan line labelling their products vegan but are they actually Vegan? The answer is no.. a great big fat HELL NO! This is something to watch out for team and they aren’t the only company who try to trick you into spending your money on cruelty riddled products. Garnier is owned by Loreal who sell to China and by Chinas law it requires them to test on animals, they will word it in many ways to convince you they don’t test their products on animals but if any company is selling to China, they are testing on animals. Here I had a conversation with Garnier on their Facebook account where after many rewordings to try and convince me they don’t test on animals they said ‘the vast majority’. If a company even tests one product on animals then its no longer a cruelty free company and therefore are not Vegan.

Please keep clear of Garnier, their are plenty of Vegan and Cruelty free companies that do not test on animals where you can use your money more wisely, the best alternative is to go to Superdrug who are very helpful

on their labelling which clearly shows which of their products are vegan and the prices isn’t extortionate and Lush are also a fantastic company for labelling their products and worthy of a nice treat to make you feel fresh and smelling delicious!

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