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Illamasque Vegan List

Illamasque is not only a cruelty free company but they also have a variety of vegan products on offer too, below I have put together a list of all their vegan products for you but as always please bare in mind that formulas can change so always double check before purchasing anything. Illamasque’s Vegan List… Continue reading Illamasque Vegan List

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Juvia’s Place Vegan List

Juvia’s Place is not only a cruelty free brand but many of their products are vegan, in fact all their products but 2 are currently vegan friendly with the future showing promise of these also being reformulated. The Warrior Palette’s currently aren’t vegan friendly because they contain carmine so if you just avoid the two… Continue reading Juvia’s Place Vegan List

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Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Vegan and Cruelty Free

This is what Batiste’s statement on their website says, to anyone reading that it would seem they are a cruelty free brand, it says right there that they do not test on animals. However, when they are asked if they sell their products to China they are very secretive and vague about their connection to… Continue reading Is Batiste Dry Shampoo Vegan and Cruelty Free

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Coloured Raine Vegan List

Another great lipstick line offering vegan lipsticks, Coloured Raine’s line you might not know is actually very vegan friendly with the whole line being vegan apart from the lipsticks listed below, so if you just steer clear of these few lipsticks you’ll be well on your way to a vegan friendly lipstick. Please always remember… Continue reading Coloured Raine Vegan List

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Vegan Burger – Original Patty Men

Great news Vegan’s! Original Patty Men have released a new vegan burger and it sounds amazing, a 100% plant based burger made with a pickle brined crispy tofu patty, mmm yes! Shut up and take my money OPM! It also comes with Sririacha mayo, cheese and lettuce tomato and onion, yes please! Here’s a picture of what… Continue reading Vegan Burger – Original Patty Men

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Eco Friendly Christmas Wrapping

Hi Team Vegan, not technically a vegan post but with Christmas coming up its an important issue to discuss and I know its something you are all concerned about so here’s a few tips and ideas to reduce your waste this Christmas by making changes to your gift wrapping. In just the UK we throw… Continue reading Eco Friendly Christmas Wrapping